The Only Way to Find Auto Insurance Discounts

How can you find auto insurance discounts in a world that that begs for money? It's no secret that the auto industry is hurting right now, even after the billion dollar bailout package was passed. You might think that high insurance rates come with the territory, but if that's the viewpoint you carry, then you might miss out on some considerable discounts.

What are some ways to find auto insurance discounts? For starters, consider the occupation that you are currently working. Insurance companies collect information about all types of people and notice various trends relating to choice of career. Naturally, full time drivers get into more accidents than the average office worker. Statistically speaking, engineers seem to get into fewer accidents than the average driver. In the insurer's mind, it is a fact that engineers are safer drivers. You can benefit from your insurance company's research report.

You can also receive auto insurance discounts based on your vehicle's safety features. Some cars are loaded with safety features; some of these might include anti lock brakes, automatic seatbelts and airbags. Some car models are built to survive collisions. You can't even compare an old model Mercedes Benz to a Kia! Bigger and longer cars are statistically safer than lighter, faster cars. That means a lot to an insurance company who might be stuck paying for high medical expenses.

Another option that may help you is to assume more risk when it comes to collisions. There are auto insurance discounts available for drivers that keep their deductible high. By agreeing to take on more responsibility for minor accidents on your own, you can save money on premium rates-rates that are partially based on minor collision damages.

Another way to increase your personal responsibility, which will also provide you with more auto insurance discounts, is to drop certain types of insurance coverage. For example, if you drop your collision insurance policy and keep basic liability, you can easily reduce your monthly rate by 50%-70%! If you drive an older model car then you don't have much to lose. The car is probably not even worth the amount you spend on full coverage insurance. Save your money and pay for repairs on your own.

Start comparing auto insurance coverage today by using an insurance comparison website! You may be able to find a policy that is fair, affordable and much less expensive than the policy you currently have!

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