Insurance Research Determines the Ultimate Mid-Life Crisis Car

Recently a motor insurance company conducted some research into it's customers and was able to determine that certain age groups have an affinity to certain car types. This research was able to pigeonhole certain brands to age groupings partially because the particular age group was only able to get car insurance on that particular class of vehicle. Obviously the richer and later in life people get the more money they potentially have to spend on a car and its corresponding insurance.

With younger drivers, Fiat and Peugeot cars were most popular with the average driver age being 31 and 32. This is pretty much a given as smaller engine models such as the Fiat Punto and Peugeot 106 are popular first cars for many younger drivers and much easier to get insured on.

Minis were also popular amongst younger drivers with their average age being 33 years old too, the marketing of these vehicles tend to appeal to younger drivers too which may also contribute to the choice of vehicle.

More mature drivers choose the type of car you may already expect, being Volvos and Jaguars. One surprising statistic is that the Nissan Micra only had an average of 35, and in the motoring industry this is regarded as a car typically driven by the grey hair brigade. Larger older vehicles such as Jaguars have classic high cost parts which would cost a lot to replace and so car insurance on some of these older vehicles will be understandably higher.

Despite it's image in recent years of being the ultimate in celebrity excess, Mercedes-Benz has an average age much higher than the typical movie star and is considered to have the same age driver as the Jaguars and Volvos. This is something that stars like Britney Spears who drives a Mercedes SL500 and Jim Carrey, with a McLaren SLR, will no doubt be rather embarrassed about.

But the most obvious result from the insurance survey is what car type tops the list of the mid-life crisis crowd, the Porsche. Porsche cars like the 911, Boxster and Cayenne all have an average age of around 39. As the old saying goes, if you know you've hit your mid-life crisis when you buy a guitar, get a girlfriend half your age or buy a Porsche.

So in this research the insurance companies have found some drivers fit their stereotype but interestingly some did not. Obviously there will be some that don't follow the trend and will have a different car but more and more we are seeing people buying cars that will get them cheap car insurance as opposed to turning heads on the high street.

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