How to Remove Window Tinting

At some point of time or the other, the idea may be hitting your mind that getting your car tinted would be a great idea. On the contrary, having a car with tinted windows has become slightly outdated. The tint on the glass decreases your visibility, specifically when you are driving in the night time and possibly, having such windows could be against the law in your own state. Hence you need to locate a cheap method to remove the tinting by doing it on your own. So here are the things which you can do for it:

Luckily, there are a number of verified ways in which you can remove the tinting of the windows of the car at the most reasonable prices and that too effectively. All you require for doing this are simple tools, a bit of spare time time and good amounts of elbow grease. The other things that you need to bear in mind while clearing the tinting of widows is to keep one of the windows open to avoid inhalation of any kind of fumes. Besides this, in case you are employing a steamer or a dryer, see that you do not burn yourself from them.

Removing Window Tinting with Steaming:

This stands to be the simplest and the most hygienic way of removing tinting from the windows. What actually happens is heat is applied on the interiors of the window making use of a hand-held steamer or a dryer. Doing this would help in melting the glue so that you can mildly drag the sheet out along with removing it. One should go slow while performing this method to remove the tinting as pulling out the sheet toughly would break it and would result into retention of glue on the window.

Removing Window Tinting by Washing and Scraping:

This method consists of cutting and pulling the sheet by a razor blade. As soon as the sheet is pulled out, the glue that stays back on the window should be scoured with soapy water. Besides this, you have to be extra cautious while performing this method to remove the tinting on windows as it may happen that the windows may get scratched or damaged, causing harm to the defroster lines.

Removing Window Tinting by Ammonia and Heat:

Before performing this method to remove tints from the windows of your car, you need to do a number of preparations. For this, you need to park your car somewhere in the sun and cover the interiors of the car with a poly canvas or trash bags in order to shield them from upholstery. After this, you need to spray the interiors of the window with unadulterated ammonia and then wrap it up with a poly-bag, ensuring that it sits properly against the window. Thereafter you need to spray the exteriors of the window of the car with the help of soapy water and wrap it up also with a poly bag.

Hence, by resorting to these methods, you can easily remove the tinting of the windows of your car.

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