AlarmForce, Brinks And ADT Comparison

One Man's Opinion on the Best Way to Protect Your Home

I normally do not take the time to right about important events in my history until recently. The last year of my life has been plagued with bad luck. From terminal sickness to job loss and robbery to accidental injury. It's OK I am not looking for a shoulder to cry on, that's life! But I did want to share my life events here as it may help my fellow man in a similar situation.

Here's my true story

1) I lost my job a few months ago in a corporate merger.

2) My wife was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder and undergoing experimental therapy.

3) I had a car accident last month and wrote off my Mercedes

Time For a Vacation

We (my wife and I) decided it was time for a vacation. We live in Atlanta, GA and decided to do some wonderful traveling. We arrived back from a wonderful 2 week holiday only to find out our home was broken into and recklessly vandalized. Broken glass, beer bottles, carpet and upholstery destroyed, it was a mess! My wife was taking medication for pain and it all of her medication was gone.

The authorities were called and investigated the break in looking for point of entry. It was learned that our control panel in our home security system was easy disabled through the control pad. The investigators showed us the problem with our current home security system. After the insurance company was finished, the damage was assessed at $75,000... a total act of vandalism.

I decided to make it a priority mission to seek out the best security system I could find for our home. I will not mention the name of the home alarm we were using but I will tell you about the security systems we looked at while choosing a new alarm system for our home. Some of the home security systems we originally looked at included: Live 2-Way Wireless Voice Alarm Installation

ADT® Monitored Home Security System

Brink's Home Security- Brink's Home Alarm Monitoring

We also reviewed Voxcom, CPI and Ackerman. AlarmForce ADT and Brinks were the three main ones we narrowed it down to. Keeping in mind we were not looking for the cheapest "do-it-yourself" home security but the best home safety security available. Here is a comparison of the 3 at the time of my research.

Two-Way Voice Communication

AlarmForce- Yes

ADT- Yes With Voice Connect System

Brinks- No

Wireless Door/Window Contacts

AlarmForce- 1*

ADT- 2

Brinks- 2

Interior Siren

AlarmForce- 1

ADT- 1

Brinks- 1

Wireless Motion Detector

AlarmForce- 1

ADT- 1

Brinks- 1


AlarmForce- 1

ADT- 1

Brinks- 1

Extra Door/Window Contact

AlarmForce- $69.00

ADT- $52.00

Brinks- $75.00

Contract Length

AlarmForce- 36 months

ADT- 36 months

Brinks- 36 months

Installation Fee

AlarmForce- $0

ADT- $399.00

Brinks- $199

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

AlarmForce- Included

ADT- Included

Brinks- $5

Monitoring Cost per Month

AlarmForce- $25.00

ADT- $33.99

Brinks- $29.99

Two-Way Voice Cost Per Month

AlarmForce- Included

ADT- $5.00

Brinks- No Two-Way Voice

Total Cost for 36 Months

AlarmForce- $900.00

ADT- $1838.64

Brinks- $1458.64

The way I see it is if you are going to invest in an alarm system for your home that will truly give you a feeling of safety homeowners need to know the facts. That's the reason I did this research and composed this article. There are bad home alarms (that shall remain nameless) and there are good ones.

At the end of the day, choosing the right home alarm system was difficult because they each had their own unique characteristics. The security system we decided to go with was AlarmForce because it was a 2 way live voice home security system. They also had a chart on their website that allowed us to compare home security alarm systems against others found here After checking the ADT site we could not find any means of comparison.

If you're considering getting a wireless home security system for your home or small business, it will definitely help you to explore all avenues before deciding on which alarm is best for your safety. Check with your home security alarm system supply store for more details. Don't be afraid to ask your neighbors and friends if they have experience and opinions that may help you make the right choice.

A monitored home security system is a home safety precaution that thousands of people are exploring for every day, so there's no need to be secretive or embarrassed about it. If you suspect that your family should have the added feeling of a secure home, be sure to find out what security system is best for you. Hopefully some of the research above helps you make the best choice for your family.

Live long and Be safe,


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